Our Green Fingered Poppy Fans!

1st NOVEMBER 2016

Our Gardman Poppies have been flying off the shelves all over the UK and we’re excited to announce that they have now landed in B&Q! The Gardman Poppy Bird Feeder is in the iconic design of a red poppy, bringing style and colour to any garden display or outdoor space and is a perfect way for you to show your support for one of the UK’s most recognisable charitable causes.

At just £6.99, this robust, yet elegant hand-crafted cast iron feeder is mounted on a metal stake for secure, easy positioning in flower borders, lawns or large pots on balconies or terraces. They are suitable for bird food such as seed, suet, treats and mealworm and its dish shape also makes it ideal for providing birds with a refreshing drink of water.

Would you like your own poppy bird feeder? Head down to your local B&Q today to pick up a Gardman Poppy whilst you can!