10 most common garden birds in Britain

29th JULY 20016

Every year, thousands of people take part in the RSPB’s annual garden bird audit, known as the Big Garden Birdwatch, helping to create a 'snapshot' of bird numbers across the UK.

In early 2016, more than half a million took part in monitoring trends in bird populations, identifying more than eight million birds around the British Isles.

People did their Big Garden Birdwatch from all kinds of locations, including parks, balconies and communal gardens.

Below are the 10 most common birds in the British Isles, according to the RSPB's results.

1. House Sparrow

2. Starling

3. Blue Tit

4. Blackbird

5. Wood Pigeon

6. Goldfinch

7. Chaffinch

8. Great Tit

9. Robin

10. Long-tailed Tit